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Our business model is designed and revolves around our customer needs, with extensive experience in the field we solely focus on guaranteeing our customer the most affordable rates without compromising on the requested coverage.

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Founded in 1983, AIM Insurance started its operation as a full-service independent insurance agency based in Houston, TX offering Home Owner’s Insurance and windstorm insurance. Along with a line of Insurance in Houston we have expertise in providing all kinds of insurances for small and medium businesses. We provide commercial insurance, general liability insurance, workers’ auto insurance, bond, and much more at cheap prices. I will also provide different services like Truck Insurance in Houston, Workers Comp Insurance, Workman Comp Insurance, Contractor Liability, Car insurance, Professional liability insurance…

AIM insurance of Texas strives to provide its client with the best insurance coverage available at the most affordable price. That’s why our motto is “We can meet or beat any price”.

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Home Insurance

Home Insurance protects you from damages caused to a property and  covers the repayment of damaged belongings.

RV Insurance

RV’s do more than just carry you from one place to another; they transport you with an eye toward maximum fun and/or comfort along the way.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company.

Flood Insurance

There’s something you should know: Flood losses are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy. You need a seperate coverage.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance covers if you’re in an accident or your motorcycle is stolen, it costs money, often a lot of money, to fix or replace it.

Windstorm Insurance

Certain storms bring a high wind that exceeds the classification of what your home insurance policy covers. You need seperate coverage

How It Works

We have a responsibility to our customers as an independent insurance firm. We take it upon ourselves to give you the greatest service and locate the best insurance for you. In light of this, our dependable experts will locate the ideal insurance plans that are especially suited to your needs and the needs of your business.

The same principles that helped us establish our busines’s trust, integrity, honesty, and professionalism will guide us as we expand it. Since the beginning, Aim Insurance of Texas has been dedicated to serving its customers, and we still are. You can count on our experts to pair you with some of the top insurance in Houston and Pasadena as a result.

Your problem.

You can either visit our office or ask for a quote. You brief us with your problems and desired solutions.

Our effort

Our team of experts looks into the possibilities and align them with your problems and creates a tailored solution for you.

Our offer

Once the solution is finalized the offer is presented for your own analysis. 


Once you are satisfied with the offer you accept the offer and we buy your insurance. That’s how simple it is.


They have really experienced insurance agents who guided me step by step with a lot of patience and a constant smile on their face. Highly recommend for your business insurance.

Jess r

As soon as I entered in the office, the hospitality was great. They listened to my needs and they came up with a very good price on my business insurance, ended up getting my Auto and home insurance too 🙂

Hamid Khan

I´m very happy with my policy! The associate Maria, did a great job with my policy and explaining all of my coverage and how insurance truly works. A huge success and great deal! Truly thankful to her knowledge and service. Maria keep up the outstanding job!


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