Windstorm Insurance

Why Do I Need Windstorm Insurance

Damage to properties

interior damage

loss of belongings



It is specialized property insurance, usually referred to as windstorm insurance, that helps protect your house, the nearby buildings, and your possessions in the event that hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, or other windstorm occurrences harm them. While a typical homeowners policy often covers these kinds of losses, if you reside in a high-risk coastal area, they might not. Additionally, storm surges and flood damage are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Your lender will probably require you to obtain windstorm insurance and flood insurance in addition to homeowners insurance if you’re considering purchasing a house in one of these areas.

Windstorm Damage coverage

When gusty phenomena like tornadoes, hurricanes, and gales cause property damage, windstorm insurance, a unique kind of property-casualty insurance, shields policyholders from financial loss. Typically, windstorm insurance will pay for actual physical losses to the home and possessions.

Hail Damage coverage

You have gutters that are leaky or siding, shingles, metal panels, and windows that are broken.

Hurricane Damage coverage

Your walls fall down, and some of your possessions are harmed. Keep in mind that damage brought on by flooding or a storm surge will require you to submit a second claim.

Tornado Damage coverage

Your roof, doors, and windows are damaged by the storm. You might also notice that your detached garage or shed is missing.

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