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You are aware of the difficulties faced as the owner of a wholesale or distributor company. To protect yourself, your staff, and your company, you must find the appropriate insurance coverage. As a result, there are a number of factors you should think about when deciding what kind of coverage you require.

Every company is unique. As a result, different wholesaler companies may require different levels of coverage. However, you can trust Aim Insurance of Texas regardless of the type of coverage you require.

Our agents are here to get you the finest plans, whether you’re searching for coverage for your warehouse and the equipment inside of it or want to protect goods while they’re being transported.

Commercial Auto

This refers to automobiles used for business-related travel, such as moving tools or other supplies. It’s crucial to remember that this policy does not apply to those specific technologies. However, it does protect any equipment that is mounted to the car, such as a ladder. The coverage includes:

  • Medical Bills of injured drivers
  • Legal Bills if a lawsuit is taken out
  • Costs of damage to the vehicle
Workers Compensation

This kind of insurance pays for missed wages and medical expenses incurred as a result of an illness, injury, or accident at work. Accidents inevitably occur in all fields of employment. Your business can be held accountable if an employee slips and falls or injures their hand on a piece of equipment.

This kind of insurance will pay for court costs, settlements, and attorney fees. The correct coverage could make the difference between your business’s success and failure. Texas Insurance Agency is here to support you in light of this.
The most sought-after insurance company in Texas is called Aim Insurance of Texas.

Product Liability

Products created, produced, or distributed by your business are covered by product liability insurance. The hazards associated with supplying medical equipment are increased because of its significance. But if you have the correct insurance on your side, you won’t need to be concerned about being held accountable or facing legal action.

The policyholder is protected by product liability in the event that a lawsuit is brought about by the usage of an insured product. These items might range from wheelchairs to syringes to walkers. The insurance provider will take care of the losses, court costs, and settlement costs if a claim is made.
Product Liability won’t protect you. Instead, to be adequately covered in this circumstance, you must get Property Damage insurance.

Property Damage

You’ll need to rely on Property Damage coverage to keep you protected if your company or one of your products damages someone else’s property. The cost of the damage or the expense of losing use of the property may be covered under this coverage.
Give Aim Insurance of Texas a call right away to find out more about this kind of coverage and how it might help your company.

General Liability

This sort of insurance protects both small and large enterprises from the financial burden of legal actions and covers basic business hazards. The following are some of the risks that the insurance policy covers:

  • Injury caused by a product.
    Customer injury.
    Damage to a client’s possessions.
    Libel and other forms of advertising harm.

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